​​​​​​​​​​​N.S.E.W Water damage Restoration

Satisfied Clients

"I'm very satisfied with the service provided by NSEW. They were able to get a pet stain that had been in my carpet for a couple of years. No one else could remove the stain, but I put NSEW to the test....they passed! " 

                                                         - Donna, West Florence

"The NSEW staff were very friendly and professional. I appreciate the call ahead before their arrival and fast dry time. 

                                                         - James, South Florence

"Well, I'm a little older and I simply could not move my own furniture. So the nice guys with the carpet cleaning service (NSEW) moved everything for me. I was so thrilled that I told my neighbors and all my friends about them. Oh and my carpet and tile looks great!" 

                                                          - Louise, West Florence